Privacy Policy

Legal Disclaimers:

1. Non-Monitoring Notice Disclaimer Oneida County Rural Telephone and customers and users should be aware that OCRT does not exercise any editorial control over, set standards for, or monitor the contents of any message which appears on, or is accessed through OCRT service, the “Internet”, any electronic bulletin board or “website”, or any electronic information service. Responsibility for accuracy, suitability, and standards of all such messages rests solely with the originators and recipients of such messages.

2. Notice on reporting complaints on network misuse and child pornography Oneida County Rural Telephone receives all complaints, including complaints that may concern child pornography through the following email addresses:

3. Wholesale Internet Services Oneida County Telephone offers wholesale Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) Access Service to qualified businesses for resale purposes.


Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Privacy Policy

Tariff: Oneida County Rural Telephone follows the tariff of the New York State Telecommunications Association. This tariff includes but is not limited to, terms, conditions, and refund policies.