Northland’s Process

No matter the product or service, Northland delivers on our promises.

Managing your telecommunications solution is complicated, especially if you are managing multiple vendors. At Northland, we understand what it takes to design, implement and support your end-to-end solution, as this is what we do every day. Successful implementations are a result of investing time upfront.

We have worked very hard to develop a formal, documented implementation process so there are no surprises when it is time for your solution to go live. This process is centered around a dedicated project manager as your single point of contact throughout the entire process.

We have worked equally hard to make sure our team has the appropriate training from both a technical and process perspective to deliver your solution correctly, the first time. This concept comes from a philosophy Jerry McCarthy used to run our organization for over 40 years: “you only go up the pole once.” In support of this, over 25% of our organization has achieved Green Belt certification from RIT in Lean Six Sigma, a process improvement methodology.

Whether you buy one product from Northland or the end-to-end solution, you have access to all of our resources. This is a key advantage no matter what step of the product lifecycle you are in. We have expertise in all aspects of what it takes to make your solution work, not just one element of your network. If a challenge does present itself we are ready for it.

We also recognize one size does not fit all so our team works directly with your organization to design a solution and an implementation that meets your needs. In selecting Northland as your partner you can rest assure that your solution will be delivered on time with no surprises.