Residential Voice

Home Telephone Service

Oneida County Telephone has provided reliable telephone service since 1905. We have been recognized by the New York State Public Service Commission for providing excellent service for over 20 consecutive years.

  • Provided to customers in the Holland Patent (865) and Westernville (827) exchanges
  • Includes unlimited local calling (areas are different for Holland Patent & Westernville)
  • Domestic and international long distance calling available per minute or select a calling package that includes long distance
  • Add any of these calling features for $5 per month: Call Waiting, Cancel Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Distinctive Ring, Speed Calling 8, Speed Calling 30, 3 Way calling, Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Add voicemail for $4 per month
  • Purchase added protection of wire maintenance.
  • Option to lease your phones

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