Broadband For Business

High-Performance Internet Bandwidth

Oneida County Rural Telephone provides high-performance Internet bandwidth for businesses. Available anywhere and exceptionally reliable, a connection from OCRT ensures that your business is always connected. We have the capabilities to maintain powerful, secure networks that allow you to focus on your work rather than Internet speeds. 


OCRT maintains multiple upstream backbone connections to different Tier 1 providers. This provides our customers with several alternative connections through the internet. OCRT’s network core is also fully redundant with no single point of failure, ensuring continual service.

Easy to Bundle

Customers benefit by combining OCRT’s voice and data services with broadband services. We can integrate Internet, voice, MPLS, colocation and cloud services on the same connection to the customer, which simplifies the customer’s services. Clients with multiple locations can also take advantage of consolidating services in an OCRT datacenter.

Simple Installation and Management

The process is simple. Our expert technicians will discuss your requirements, survey your location and develop a plan to easily transition over to an OCRT broadband connection. We’ll test and ensure that your connection is installed properly.

Detailed Technical Features

  • Large Capacity Public Internet IPv4/IPv6 Routing
  • 10G+ Internet Bandwidth from Multiple Upstream Providers
  • DNS registration and primary/secondary hosting